~Twist & Shout~ Five days into 2016!!!

Hello my lovely people and Happy New Year!

I’m hoping that your new year has gone as planned thus far…I decided to enact a day of self-indulgent pampering on the 1st of January and in doing so, I happened across ‘My Natural Sistas’ most recent download on youtube and instantly fell in LOVE!

So, I whipped up my concoction as per her video and in doing so I decided to incorporate this oh so healthy recipe into my routine; which consisted of delving deeper into these coils stacked atop the crown of my head – spilling over like wooly waterfalls onto my face.

Check out how she utilized this AWESOME concoction below…

–(My Natural Sistas,”Hey Sistas!!! Here’s a great DIY Vegan Hair Gel that works great on natural kinky hair and curly hair . Since I’m now vegan it has been a bit challenging to find a great vegan holding gel for my natural textured hair and this one works! This natural hair gel can be used to style natural hair in many different ways.”)

In addition, I coated my curls with a smattering of my homemade coil conditioning cream.

It consists of:

  • coconut oil
  • apricot oil
  • rose water
  • honey

When it was all said and done, three (yes, 3) hours later I’d finally finished detangling & three strand twisting my bundle of coils into 23 bantu knots!

Here’s my results…

C'est Moi
C’est Moi
Twist & Shout
Twist & Shout
Heading out...
Heading out…

Let me know if you choose to try it and what your results were like after enduring this little process.


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