Aphrodite's Delights Holistic Approach®

Aligning the entire body holistically.℠

As a registered Yoga Teacher in the process of completing my certifications in Mat & Reformer Pilates in addition to a practicum in Clinical Herbalism. My offerings to the community will focus on integrating effective, holistic, health-care methods – allowing one to maintain a sustainably balanced way of life & well-being.

By incorporating restorative rituals & routines™ such as Trauma-Informed Yin Yoga, sessions and sequences themed around exploring various forms of soul-soothing self-care, examining the benefits of toning the sympathetic nervous system through breathing techniques that regulate the onboarding of ones’ parasympathetic nervous system. In addition to instilling mindful mantras & meditation as a part of ones’ day.

Insightfully exploring the power of plants (along with medicinal herbs) by means of concocting nutritious culinary infusions, sips, salves & soaks, spending time in the outdoors, and grounding through gardening; my hope is to realign your approach to consciously co-existing and cultivating considerate-care for yourself and others along your path.

Having practiced Pilates & Yoga for the past 24 years, I look forward to providing pedagogical paradigm shifting pathways to peace of mind – as we all grow through the process of navigating these trying and turbulent times.

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  1. Jai…hello as I introduce myself to you. I go by M which is short for Marlene. I’m a indigenous woman of half a century or so, who lives in northern New Mexico, US! I live near the base a sacred mountain of my ancestors! I saw your post on Linkedln and commented on your blog which you restarted! I enjoy connecting with those who have a sense of inner awareness, spirit and purpose! I hope you except my invitation to connect! M

  2. M, it’s truly a pleasure to make your acquaintance. As well, it feels so good to have those that you’ve yet to meet or cross paths with until this moment express their interest in your work along with how one carries themselves. With that said, my heart is beyond pleased with your compliments. I look forward to our upcoming dialogues and sharing of knowledge…once again many thanks! ~J

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