✨Celestial Celebration✨

Aphrodite’s Delights ADVANCED‼️ I’m so ecstatically grateful for your support.🙌🏿🤎🙌🏿 🗣Voting (every 24hrs) continues for the 🔝🔟 – until Thursday, March 25 at 7pm PDT. ✨Furthermore, your support also shines a crucial light on the Veterans Yoga Project. “Veterans Yoga Project is dedicated to the idea that all veterans, service […]

Grateful to be Grounded

…blessed to bare my feet on the soil of my sanctuary. Especially, after having learned, yet again, that my flight from Rome had been cancelled. I was then – and only then informed that I would be receiving a refund (in the form of a voucher) from my travel agent; […]

Time to Savor a Healthy Homemade Soup

Given the onslaught of raindrops falling from the sky here in the Pacific Northwest, I thought a hearty homemade soup was in order. That said, here’s to creating something new, thanks to a mound of delectable veggies and some great grains I sourced from the Olympia Food Co-op & Trader Joe’s grocery stores. In […]

Announcing Autumn’s Arrival

Fortunately, for the better part of October, I was able to frolic in the forested peaks & valleys of the Pacific Northwest. During this time, I found myself focusing on practicing self-care; which greatly invigorates the spirit & replenishes ones soul. And, as they say, timing is everything. So, I was […]

Fortunate for Favor

Words truly can’t express the range of emotions that have consumed me since the beginning of this summer…thus far, I have been fortunate to have been awarded a prodigious fellowship, asked to consult on a formidable forthcoming film – in addition to having signed a contract, as a Contributing Photographer with […]