Connecting the Dots that Thread Together Our DNA

Ain’t that the TRUTH!!! I’d like to also add access to: *accurate records kept by slave holders *accurate census records (that weren’t altered by a discriminating employee) *accurate birth, marriage & death certificates *the restoration of the records from the hurricane that destroyed most of Louisiana and parts other gulf states aka Hurricane Katrina

As I was driving about town, all the while being showered in a myriad of rain drops I felt as if I was eaves dropping on the best story EVER. I can’t recount the amount times my heart dropped and fluttered about as I sat wrapped to my steering wheel peering through my windshield trying to stay present, all the while being enraptured by the visions flashing across my field of view showcasing like a drive-in movie for one.

THIS is why genealogy studies and having access to these ‘vital’ records declaring a sanction on our roots is so very important. It gives us a variable connection to ‘our story’ rather than his-story.

Please take a listen when time allows for your mind to be engaged in a conversation on these levels, because it’s DEEP…

When Ancestry Search Led To Escaped Slave: ‘All I Could Do Was Weep’ 

–(Fresh Air NPR – Published January 18, 20169:00 AM ET)

I should no longer be baffled by what I hear, because they are ALWAYS blowing my mind (pun intended) with some of the most outstanding and well spoken conversations that they’ve masterfully composed over the span of years that they’ve been on the air. A great assortment of stories and interviews that I’m lucky to have stashed amongst my meager collection of podcasts.

Lastly, here’s a path I’d like to lead you down in the form of a link to ANCESTRY.COM (as their slogan goes, “Discover the family story your DNA can tell.”) where you can begin piecing together the expansive cloth of your families patch work quilt and finally unravel the strings to your puzzle.


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