A Day Absorbing the Arts

During the month of May I treated myself to a special outing of sorts, and it was during this time that I relished in the sights and sounds of the art world…

Thankfully, I was able to rest my eyes upon the magnificent splendor as showcased so acutely by the Seattle Art Museum  and as gifted to us by the artistic hands of Kehinde Wiley. When I tell you that I was awestruck …I mean to say that it was as if I had entered into a euphoric daze as I meandered my way from one thought provoking piece to the next.

I found myself gobsmacked by the profound beauty in every well crafted detail – from the intricate carving of the frames, to the selection of colors that mingled into the hues that burst climatically before your very irises.

It was everything! Every medium spoke life into the contemporary subjects he showcased.

However, before letting my eyes and thusly my soul settle into the main gallery, I strode through this one…

and left feeling regal and somewhat protected by the spirits of the elaborate carvings that jutted out before me. At one point I pivoted on my heel, because over my right shoulder I heard the faint sounds of the bush calling for me.

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As you will note, I did my best to capture what my eyes rested on for what felt like an eternity in the packed hollows of the galleries at SAM. As I am certain others will attest, it was utterly divine to look up onto the great walls of such a fine museum as this and see what felt like visions of myself, my sisters and my brothers reflecting back all around me in a manifestation of historical and cultural narratives brought to life so vividly.

I still find myself wanting more…craving his visionary works in fact. So much so, that for the first time in my life I understand how & why people turn into groupies. That being said, I might just figure out a way how to finance seeing his exhibition at each of its upcoming art houses.

Aphrodite’s Delights supporting The Edmonds Community College 31st Annual Powwow.

Here’s a lil’ snippet of something absolutely spectacular that I witnessed…

I had only seen this type of performance in a documentary . Furthermore, I apologize for the quality, it appears something happened when it was compressed and it’s rather distorted. Next time, I’ll use my GoPro!

Some of the lovely ladies performing a little bit of fancy footwork during the Shall Dance.

A few keepsakes I picked up as a treat to myself…

Simply absorbing the sounds and vibrations of the beautiful people at this Powwow.

Witnessing a spectacular showcase of fluidity, form and finesse as these graceful forms follow in the footsteps of our ancestors.

It was an honor to be in attendance, thank you for letting me be a sincere observer.

In the upcoming weeks be certain to show your appreciation and support the 2016 Paddle to Nisqually Canoe Journey, located in Thurston county’s lush Nisqually Valley.

(The Olympian – Thursday, May 19 2016)


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