Sharing Seasonal Skincare Secrets

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be celebrating my 40th birthday…crazy doesn’t begin to describe that sudden realization forming in my ever analyzing mind. So, with that milestone approaching in addition to the seasonal shifts taking place. I’ve been revamping my skincare regimens. However, to be honest, I don’t actually have any – other than trying to make certain to hydrate, moisturize, eat well, and take my supplements.

That said, here’s the dish on my daily routine…

Thanks to my dear, Great Aunt Velma, for telling me at the age of 12, “Baby, all you’ll ever need is some Witch Hazel, a washcloth, and water. Remember that…”, and to this day her words stand true.

*Every 90 days or so, I like to switch-up the carrier oils that I apply to my face – so that throughout the year it feels reinvigorated by the various nutrients each oil is able to provide during that specific time period. For instance, during Spring I like to apply Apricot Oil. Given that time of year is known as a sort of reawakening from the seasonal slumber brought upon by Winter’s crispness. I like to revive this delicate mask that greets the world, with an oil that is known for toning & firming; which is ever so needed after sitting in rooms with forced heat filling the air and drying out our skin. In Summer, my oil of choice is Sweet Almond Oil. Its light nutty smell and easily absorbent qualities make it the perfect warm weather – moisturizing magnet. In Autumn, you guessed it – Sesame Oil.  This oil is packed with essential fatty acids, that aid in providing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties; which nourishes your skins sub layers – ultimately promoting skin softness. In Winter, some good ol’ Vitamin E Oil does the trick. Thanks to its thick yet quickly absorbing nature. It lingers just long enough to protectively coat the delicate layers of our face from the freezing blast of Winter’s frosty kisses.

These are but a few the healing properties that these oils are known to possess. To learn more, click on the various links within this article.

Oh, and given that not only are the winds of time sweeping over my body, but Mother Nature’s as well, with these crisp Autumn breezes that have begun to accompany the evenings as the sun sets over the Olympics here in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve decided to whip up another batch of Buttery Body Bliss. This magical concoction consist of  raw organic coconut oil, organic apricot oil and some healing lavender oil.

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Gather & utilize:

10 ounces of  raw-organic Coconut Oil (sourced from my local Food Co-op)

4 ounces of Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Apricot Oil

2 ounces of Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Lavender Oil

Once whipped to perfection, I like to store my batch in the fridge; which allows for it to last a little longer (4 to 6 weeks) depending on how much moisture my skin demands. By doing so, it makes it feel so refreshing to have the coolness of the butters meld into your skin upon contact.

Now, keep in mind, this is just how effective that body butter is in assisting me in achieving maximum melanin distribution on my limbs…captured last November, just past Makapu’u Beach Park in Hawai’i.

Tranquility at its best… — feeling blessed.😇

In previous articles, I’ve provided ideas on how one can accent their nightly bath by infusing it with bevy of breathtaking blossoms. Such as: rose petals (which aid in providing not only a sensual atmosphere but also a relaxing one for sore tense muscles), Chrysanthemums (enable us to relax and the petals rejuvenate the skin), Lavender sourced from my last visit to organic herb farm down the road from my home (bathing with this herb is an exhilarating experience to the skins surface and instantly relaxes away tension from your body), and at times Green tea – a spa treatment that is beyond soothing just before bed time.

You can review that particular article here.

Additionally, as of late, I’ve been slathering on my homemade body scrub during my momentary soaks, and my oh my, have they made for some silky smooth sweet smelling sleep sessions.

Coco Supreme
Coco Supreme

Here’s what I use to create this magical potion, also known as, the ‘Ultimate Coco-Coffee Scrub’!

Set aside:

  • 2 cups of fresh coffee grounds
  • 1 cup of coconut oil
  • 15 drops of your favorite essential oil (or a combination of the two = 7 drops of Eucalyptus & 8 drops of Mental Clarity)

You’ll need a medium sized bowl, a spoon to combine the ingredients you’ve gathered, and a mold (cookie cutters or an ice tray works) to form the scrubs in during the setting process; which takes place in the freezer, for up to an hour or two.

…and today’s no exception. I’ll end my day by immersing myself into a warm tranquil bay of water, infused with bath salts, baking soda and blossoms.

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That said, here’s to hoping that these simple seasonal skincare techniques will continue to keep your skin glowing & youthful throughout the seasons to come.

Night, night!💋

~Aphrodite’s Delights~

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