Eating for Longevity & Optimal Health

Ever since I was an itty bitty thing, I’ve been mindfully aware of that age old saying, “You are what you eat.” So much so, that I dutifully read the ingredients of nearly everything in my parents home when I was a child (and still do for that matter).

I suppose my fascination came from being surrounded by a mass of elders. Beautiful souls living vibrantly, well into their 90s – with some blessed to see another century entirely. Interestingly enough, it was whilst I was at a routine exam when my (then) doctor exclaimed that I should have a study run – on me. She quickly followed that up by stating, “All you have to do is wear your seat belt, and you’ll be good.”

Perhaps, that’s due in fact to the way that I eat. Based solely on what I observed as a kid growing up along the dusty back roads of the south. Grow your own vegetables and eat for flavor as well as nourishment, not simply to say that you’ve eaten. Believe me, there’s a difference…was some what of an unspoken motto amongst many.

And that’s exactly what I’ve continued to do…

However, the older I get the more I’ve learned to incorporate an abundance of superfoods into my meal plan as well as my garden.

Over the years, I’ve grown keen on adding chia seeds and hemp hearts to almost every thing. As well as, starting off my day with a cup of blueberries and spinach; which gets combined in my NutriBullet, making the most delightfully tasting smoothies.

Additionally, I find myself adding barley, quinoa, lentils and most recently remembering to incorporate mung beans along with tempeh into my meals.

Another recent addition I’ve added to my palate is beet juice. Especially since my optometrist (located at Martin Way Vision Center) informed me that it’ll aid in reducing the excessive amount of pressure building up in my eyes. In large part due to my family history of suffering with glaucoma. So, I thought I’d infuse some into my smoothies.

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…and to be honest, it added an earthy note that I found to be extremely delicious.

Furthermore, on any given day you might find me munching on…

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…something light and most certainly healthy.

However, after watching What The Health a few nights ago, I’m standing here looking at these eggs (and cheeses – oh you didn’t see that cool whip, that’s a twice a year indulgence) like Superman stares down kryptonite…


I knew they were my vice, but my word (— feeling concerned). Having expressed that, I’ve long considered myself a pescatarian and said about 15 years ago, that I’d most likely stop eating fish in 20 years – due to pollution. I don’t eat farm raised fish, and given what we’re learning about the rising mercury levels and the fact that nuclear waste is extremely prevalent due in part to what took place on March 11, 2011 – let’s me know that it’s time to make yet another change.

So, I find myself once again in the midst of reevaluating what I consume and thanks to some extremely endearing friends across the globe, I think I’m going to be alright.

Ashy lips and all🤙🏿🌞

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