Belly Dancing Anyone?

In late November, I gifted myself a seasons worth of introductory level ‘Belly Dancing’ classes. You see, treating myself is what I do during my month long celebration, and at the time, I was certain doing so would make the new year even more fun…I haven’t been disappointed yet!

Not only have the lessons lived up to what I’d hoped for, they’ve been an exhilarating form of exercise that has aided in my ability to engage specific muscle groups. In particular, my hip flexors and core. In addition to the many curves along the length of my body…

Additionally, it has allowed me to let go of some of my inhibitions. Because to be honest, I’m quite shy. Given that I’m a tried and true introvert. Although, something about me must project something entirely different when others encounter my presence. Honestly. It’s almost as if they expect me to put on a ‘show’, so little do they know, I’m learning something truly enticing & show-stopping. To say the least.

The movements that make up belly dancing; which is also known as Arabic dance, is thought to have originated in Egypt, expanding into & across the Ottoman Empire. It was introduced as a form of entertainment for onlookers at royal ceremonies.

The dance itself is centered around intricate movements of ones torso. As well as, vigorous shifting and lifting of ones hips. When you add your arms and head to the flowing rhythms of this dance – the body comes alive enticingly so.

In this video, Magnolia, introduces two beginners like myself, to the sinuously, flowing movements that make up this wondrously invigorating exercise. In lesson one they cover the basics, allowing you to follow along at home if you choose. By utilizing the classes uploaded and easily accessible on youtube.

Thus far, I’ve been focusing on basic dance steps and shimmies in the classes I’ve taken at the community center. So, the series of videos mentioned above, are just my speed. Oh, and talk about a core workout…you’ll notice that after just a few minutes of performing certain moves, tingling sensations begin to warm up the fibers connecting those muscle groups to your frame. Now mind you, after a hot soak and a few good stretches, you realize that you can laugh again without wanting to simultaneously cry from exhaustion. However, it is known as a low impact activity; which is perfect for all ages.

That said, the elaborate costumes one can source more than accentuate & add to the alluring playfulness of this dance. The one pictured below should be arriving at my doorstep shortly.

Black Sheer Belly Dance Coin Top & Hip Scarve Set
Sheer Black Belly Dance Set |

Oh, and the accessories are just as fun.

Getting ready to work these cymbals & this waistline.💅🏿
Getting ready to work these cymbals & this waistline.💅🏿

Furthermore, the camaraderie one experiences when letting loose, (so to speak) in a circle of like minded beings – allows for one to blossom and evolve into a much more confident & conning showstopper. Or at least that’s my goal.😉

For those that don’t have access to the internet or a reliable connection that allows for uninterrupted viewing on your devices. This dvd by Dolphina, has also become a great addition in assisting me how to shake ALL of it from left to right.  You can order a copy for your collection here.

Belly Dancing Anyone?
Goddess Workout with Dolphina

Lastly, as classes continue to progress over the next seven weeks, I hope to create a video of all of the moves I’ve learned over the course of this three month long – stepping outside of myself endeavor. Stay tuned.

Oh, and join me in the fun. Believe me, you’ll like the way belly dancing makes you feel.


Featured image of Nakish|Gilded Serpent

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