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For those of you that have recently ‘liked’ and or subscribed to my blog here’s a little about my background along with a few of the things that I’m passionate about…thanks again for choosing to take part in my endeavors.

Yours truly

Currently, I reside in the Pacific Northwest (of the United States) after having worked as an English Language & Literature Teacher at an internationally based educational institution in Indonesia. In addition to those endeavors, I fancy myself as a Freelance Writer, Photographer, and an Independent Scholar. Recently, I collaborated with UNESCO & the Water Resources Research and Documentation Center (WARREDOC), thusly enabling me to create an award winning story map of Poverty Point World Heritage Site. Furthermore, this body of work is published on the Living Atlas of the World, utilizing the Science of Where. In addition to pending publications with the Pennsylvania State University Press.

During my undergraduate degree I chose to focus on ‘African American Historical & Cultural Heritage’ while minoring in Diversity Studies (Cultures, Identities & Power Relations). Being that I’m an Arkansas native from bayou country, I further endeavored to specialize in the social & cultural history of Black people. My area of scholarship focused on the cultural manifestations of race, gender and class in the transnational endeavors of Black people – spanning the diaspora, from the southern states of the U.S. to the Great Frontier, the magnificence of the Harlem Renaissance, as well as, those seeking expansion & refuge in Canada, the Caribbean and Western Europe.

Fortunately, as an undergraduate student I was recognized by my departmental advisor and it was at that time that my teaching career as a Facilitator at a world renowned university in Washington State began. Since then, I have assisted with manuscript preparations, prepared course syllabuses and edited publications. This eventually led to me being able to present my body of work at educational conferences held at universities around the nation.

To date my conference presentations include:
~National Association of Ethnic Studies: 39th Annual Conference at Claremont Graduate University – April 2011
~14th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, University of Washington – May 2011
~16th Annual Faculty & Staff of Color in Higher Education held in Vancouver WA – October 2011
~New York African Studies Association: 37th Annual Conference at Penn State University – February 2012
~National Council for Black Studies: 36th Annual Conference in Atlanta GA – March 2012
~Association for the Study of African American Life & History (ASALH): 97th Annual Conference in Pennsylvania – September 2012

Additionally, I have also had the ability to study abroad in France, Canada, and most recently Italy due to being awarded a full scholarship from the School Office of the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C. This opportunity further allowed me to gain certification at Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School, a highly esteemed art academy located in Florence, and what I would like to deem the experience of a lifetime.

Last year, I was blessed to be accepted into the Master’s in World Heritage & Cultural Projects for Development program at the University of Turin. In addition to, the Master’s in Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations program at the University of Furtwangen, in Berlin. However, due to being unable to secure the necessary funding for these ambitious aspirations, I was unfortunately unable to enroll in either candidacies. But, best you believe, I have not given up hope on one day accomplishing these academic goals.

As of late, I have been collecting resources and expanding my fieldwork. In attempts to have Bayou Bartholomew, sponsored as a National Historic Site along with being recognized as a Cultural & Natural World Heritage Site, by the UNESCO Chair in Water Resources Management and Culture.

With that being expressed, I hope that you find the articles that I choose to share informative, insightful and engaging to say the least…

Thanks again for supporting my endeavors along with contributing to the content of my platform.

Contemplating my next move…one step in front of the other.

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