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Behind by a couple of days, but blessed no less…✨

On Monday, International Women’s Day, I was hand-selected by Yoga Warrior for the opportunity to be featured in Yoga Journal, and receive $10,000🙌🏿

When I tell you I have been meditating on this moment. Ones like this, that make dreams come true. B.a.b.y 😭

Talk about a siSTAR expressing gratitude for all she’s been praying for…

Because, as I have been processing & planning my ‘meantime’. I have also been standing firmly at the intersections of alignment, asanas, and aspirations being met. And from now on, that’s where you’ll find me at.

Now, this is where I need a tremendous favor, stemming from your gracious support. 🙏🏿

In the link below, you can cast your vote (daily) on my behalf.

Remember, each day, your vote cascades me one step closer towards achieving this paramount piece – featuring my story on the mat, and the balance it brings to ones’ body, breath, and being.

Thanks in advance for your consideration & time in assisting me on my journey.

~J 🗳🧘🏿‍♀️🥰

#yogaposture in front of Duomo di Orvieto 🇮🇹

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