Time to Savor a Healthy Homemade Soup

Given the onslaught of raindrops falling from the sky here in the Pacific Northwest, I thought a hearty homemade soup was in order. That said, here’s to creating something new, thanks to a mound of delectable veggies and some great grains I sourced from the Olympia Food Co-op & Trader Joe’s grocery stores.

In this particular recipe, I used one cup of the ‘harvest pilaf’ mix in addition to a half of a cup of the ‘dehydrated mixed veggies’ (pictured below), and an assortment of legumes.

Additionally, I also used two quarts of vegetable stock, several heirloom carrots, an entire chopped onion (which I sautéed in my dutch oven before pouring in the stock). Oh, and a two handfuls of diced red & purple potatoes. After pouring in the stock in addition to a tablespoon of Better Than Bouillon’s ‘smoked vegetable base’, I added the potatoes – allowing them to boil for 30 minutes before adding the remaining (well all except the carrots). I add the carrots to the pot 15 – 20 minutes before I’m ready to serve what I’m certain will be a savory soup.

In all, the total cooking time is only an hour and a half – give or take.

Be certain to source the following on your next shopping trip: harvest pilaf mix (as shown in the article), dehydrated mixed veggies, an assortment of your favorite legumes, two quarts of vegetable stock, several heirloom carrots, an onion, some garlic, red & purple potatoes, and a jar of Better Than Bouillon’s ‘smoked vegetable base’.
Aphrodite's Assortment
Aphrodite’s Assortment


Slicing & Dicing
Slicing & Dicing

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