Snow fell & Doves cried the day a Prince died…

Goodbye, Prince 💔 ~Reading Rainbow~ April 21, 2016 *courtesy of their Facebook page*
Goodbye, Prince 💔 ~Reading Rainbow~ April 21, 2016 *courtesy of their Facebook page*

By now, many of you have become horrifically aware of the fact that a truly gifted musical genius known by the world as Prince Rogers Nelson – departed yesterday, April 21.

It seems as if in times like these, others are able to express what you so wanly wish you could, in precisely the exact same pentameter…for example:

“As an artist and a fan I was viscerally shocked by Prince’s sudden and all too early release from this mortal coil. I truly believe Prince was one of the last old school sentinel muses of our collective musical souls. A purist of the art form. An epitome of true groundbreaking genius whose presence many of us had taken for granted. A savant level multi-instrumentalist, and epic songwriter, Prince, for me, defined what it is to be true to your art form for the sake of self expression and inspiration and not solely greed. He could have quadrupled his income anytime with one commercial endorsement. He was a celebrity other celebrities held in awe and is irreplaceable in the pantheon of musical endeavor. He seemed to always seek the highest ground and was one of those artists who channeled God’s creative energy into art and sound during his tenure on earth. His death was a shock to me but moreover a wake up call at the impermanence of it all. Dr. Wayne Dyer once implored, “Don’t die with your music still inside you”. With Prince producing over 56 albums dropping 4 within the last 18 months, not to mention his 28 tours over the course of 30+ years and 4 feature films, I dare say that Prince more than accomplished that urgent statement. His musical anthology will keep us delving into the immortality of his aural legacy. He will never grow old and his legend secure but I hope that the artist in all of us will be shocked and inspired into making art with even a fraction of the enthusiasm and passion that Prince did in so brief a spark that shined impossibly bright.” ~Artist S. Ross Browne~

I concur…thusly pairing their words with this visual collection of sorts – allowing me to fully attempt to encompass what took place yesterday. Though, I’m certain I want fully grasp what exactly occurred for some time.


Now what I’m about to scribe might come as a shock to some of you, however, I feel as if it must be stated…within seconds of reading the news that has since transcended the globe I went in search of a media clip, of one of my favorite songs by the Artist himself and after what seemed like an unsuccessful exploration of sorts I finally lucked uponIf I was your girlfriend

But, I suppose what I really want to know is why – right after the release of his death has well – most of his music gone missing from literally all platforms since yesterday?

Perhaps, somebody has been scrubbing the net…

As I mentioned previously, the only video I could find right after learning about his passing was uploaded on a random platform in some other country. So, I hurriedly uploaded it and shared it before they took it down too!

And now after reading this article, I’ve grown more suspicious of the accounts surrounding his untimely passing…according the reports;

As 2013 loomed, record label executives and artists managers said that they were unsure how copyright terminations and ownership reversions would play out as they expected a precedent-setting court case to decide whether the “work-for-hire” clause in standard recording contracts could successfully be challenged by artists. Works created under work-for-hire contracts are not eligible for copyright reversion. But privately some label executives have also said that in some instances the wiser course might be to negotiate the reversions and retain control of issuing artists’ catalog eligible for copyright terminations.

In cutting what appears to be a landmark deal, Prince has chosen to remain with the label that was the subject of his ire back in the 1990’s avoiding a risky and costly legal battle and still regains ownership of his catalog.

It went on to say,

Prince has returned to Warner Bros. Records after 18 years with a deal that will see him regain ownership of his catalog. His classic Warner albums like “Dirty Mind,” “Controversy” and “1999” will continue to be licensed through Warner Bros as part of a new global agreement.

As part of the deal, Prince’s classic “Purple Rain” album will be re-released in a remastered deluxe version in time for the 30th anniversary of the album and movie. Other planned re-issue projects will follow and Prince will issue a new album too, although it is unclear if that title is a part of the deal.

So, in the words of Marvin Gaye,What’s going on?”

Seen today in the New York Times - well done Chevrolet.
Seen today in the New York Times – well done Chevrolet.

Lastly, I never subscribed to that ‘Prince vs. Michael’ madness, because I saw it as just another divisive tactic corporations & industries alike utilized (and still do) to divide people and why shouldn’t I be allowed to appreciate two amazing musical geniuses?!?

So, with that said thank you, My Beloved for sharing your many talents and thoughtful dialogues on relative topics of the day – let alone for your gift of verse.

Your insight & wisdom was appreciated more than you’ll ever know. 


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