At Home with a Furious Foodie

As of late I’ve been feeling a little spontaneous in the kitchen and before you I’ve provided a collection of the things I’ve whipped up… My ultimate goal is to cook homemade dishes daily, by sourcing some of the freshest local ingredients to fuel not only my body, but nourish my spirit […]

‘S’ is for Spa Day!

Okay, so in my book ‘s’ stands for Spa Day! Since we’re experiencing some rather crisp weather here in the Pacific Northwest and with New Year’s just around the corner, I thought I’d whip up a few all natural self-care aids for my upcoming spa day… You’ll need to source the […]

Consuming Nature’s Footprint

While scrolling through my social media account I came across this rather poignant video. In my opinion it perfectly illustrates how our needless ‘wants’ affect the world arounds us…even if it’s a world that we can’t see clearly from our own backdoor, that vastness that lies out yonder still represent […]