The Politics of Educating Oneself

Random thoughts about what leads a person to bettering themselves… Over the years, I have received warm compliments from many of you in regards to my ability of organizing & utilizing the 26 shapes that we refer to as the alphabet in constructive ways. Well, my passion for isolating the […]

A Day Absorbing the Arts

During the month of May I treated myself to a special outing of sorts, and it was during this time that I relished in the sights and sounds of the art world… Thankfully, I was able to rest my eyes upon the magnificent splendor as showcased so acutely by the Seattle […]

Dessert Anyone?

Since many of you will be whipping up delicious & delectable treats in the next couple of days, I thought I would share some of my favorite recipes…I’m certain your taste buds will equally enjoy what I have in store for your sweet tooth. My operation table is ready…❣ 🍓Strawberry Icebox […]

Sowing Seedlings on Earth Day

Today marks the 46th year of the movement most commonly known around the world as Earth Day, and on this annual event you’ll find people coming together far & wide lending their time as well as their services in order to restore some form of hope for future generations to […]

Sunday Driving with a Purpose

So, it began when I had talked myself into attending the 19th Annual Ballon Festival  – which is held in the tiny tucked away town of Winthrop, in northern Washington…only 28 miles south of the Canadian border. Unbeknownst to me, my Saturday seemed to slip away quicker than a stranded hiker […]