Belly Dancing Anyone?

In late November, I gifted myself a seasons worth of introductory level ‘Belly Dancing’ classes. You see, treating myself is what I do during my month long celebration, and at the time, I was certain doing so would make the new year even more fun…I haven’t been disappointed yet! Not only […]

Sharing Seasonal Skincare Secrets

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be celebrating my 40th birthday…crazy doesn’t begin to describe that sudden realization forming in my ever analyzing mind. So, with that milestone approaching in addition to the seasonal shifts taking place. I’ve been revamping my skincare regimens. However, to be honest, I don’t actually have […]

All About Aphrodite’s Delights

For those of you that have recently ‘liked’ and or subscribed to my blog here’s a little about my background along with a few of the things that I’m passionate about…thanks again for choosing to take part in my endeavors. Yours truly… Currently, I reside in the Pacific Northwest (of the […]

Natural Treatments for Your Tresses

Lately, I have been concocting conditioners for my coils. Thanks to an article a dear friend (living in Indonesia) shared with me, entitled: 5 DIY Hair Mask. The timing of this invaluable information couldn’t have come at a better time, given we’re experiencing an extreme heat wave here in the […]