Natural Beauty ~ Uzuri Wa Asili

My Grandmother (aka Shug) was always known for saying, “She’s the honey & the bees don’t know it”…and with all my heart I feel that is one of the best compliments a woman-child can receive.

For as many moons as I can remember I have tried to live a life that is as natural as I can with the resources I have access to – with that said, over time I will do my best to share some of my favorite home remedies in relation to pampering your temple on a daily basis.

*Homemade Concoctions from my Apothecary:


Hair Conditioners

Spa Treatments

Infused Bath Therapy

Massage Oils & Body Sprays

Hair Products enhanced with essential oils

Body Butters

Unveiling Facial Masks

Sealants for Soup Coolers


In memory of Shug ~Zelda Trotter~ aka My Grandmother

Sun Rise: January 17, 1925

Sun Set: September 30, 2015