Bibliophile ~ Titles & Reviews

Syllabification: bib·li·o·phile
Pronunciation: /ˈbiblēəˌfīl/
Definition of a bibliophile in English: (noun) A person who collects or has a great love of books.

 To be honest, I’m extremely fortunate to have been raised by parents that took the time to read to my big brother and myself nightly…it was during these early stages of my life that my unquenchable thirst for books began.

I’m also grateful to have a mother that whole-heartedly supported the efforts of the traveling door-to-door salesmen…those bewildered men that drove their fancy cars down our dusty gravel road along the bayou in order to impart upon us the newest collection of encyclopedias, the entire Childcraft series and nearly every children’s book that had ever been written. And on top of that she even gave me money specifically for placing my monthly order for things that caught my big-wide eyes in the Scholastic Reading Club newsletter, distributed by my dutiful elementary school teachers. However, it wasn’t until she returned to school in order to obtain her associates degree (at the community college that I now teach at) that I learned of Maya Angelou (due to reading the books she’d been assigned by her professors, because they were so much more interesting than what my teachers were assigning me in middle school – oh and I did the same thing with my big brothers books assigned to him by his high school teachers); which in turn allowed for me to discover the gift of expressing myself in the written form as a now published writer of multiple research manuscripts.

As you will note in the featured image I am drawn to works far and wide; be it autobiographies, fiction, collections of essays or books on navigating the (his)stories we’ve been forced to believe. My collection is quite vast and as of recently I’ve begun picking up paperback books, because to honest I’m a bit of a hard-back bond snob of sorts. With that said, I’ve decided to create a virtual book club of sorts.

So, please keep an eye out for my upcoming reviews on titles such as:
and many, many more