Hello! My name is Jai…a self-proclaimed bibliophile, food savoring, photog, and citizen of the world with golden tipped wings! To make it simple, I’m an intelligent country girl!

Laid back & lovely, but always in third gear; pushing and constantly striving for greatness in this lifetime as well as in the next…

Anything else just tap me on my shoulder and whisper into my ear, for the secrets you wish to pick from my membrane, and just maybe I’ll insight you with the wisdom I’ve inferred from my ancestors and the many others that have fought in struggles before me. Garnishing me with their strength & regalness…emmmm hmmmm!

I have long been inspired by the beauty of this vast world we live in – including the people that willingly share of their cultures. Cultures that are just as amazing & rich as they are…I hope to capture much of this during my lifetime and will gladly share in these delights upon each turn my path leads me.

In doing so, my intent is to provide informative, insightful and engaging content to a diversely creative collective of beautiful beings.

With that said, thank you for joining my blog and helping me breathe life into one of my many passionate endeavors. As well, feel free to subscribe & share.

I look forward to the comments you leave after viewing moments in time through my lens (figuratively & literally).

To learn more, please review the article entitled: All About Aphrodite’s Delights.

~Jai Trotter~

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  1. Jai…hello as I introduce myself to you. I go by M which is short for Marlene. I’m a indigenous woman of half a century or so, who lives in northern New Mexico, US! I live near the base a sacred mountain of my ancestors! I saw your post on Linkedln and commented on your blog which you restarted! I enjoy connecting with those who have a sense of inner awareness, spirit and purpose! I hope you except my invitation to connect! M

  2. M, it’s truly a pleasure to make your acquaintance. As well, it feels so good to have those that you’ve yet to meet or cross paths with until this moment express their interest in your work along with how one carries themselves. With that said, my heart is beyond pleased with your compliments. I look forward to our upcoming dialogues and sharing of knowledge…once again many thanks! ~J

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