Holiday in Hawai’i🏝

Hanging out at Pua’ena Point.

There’s a first time for everything…Aloha❣

Back in November, I decided it was high time to take a little reprieve. Needless to say, that decision led me to the gorgeous state of Hawai’i. And oh, what a delight it was…I ended up celebrating a blessing; which was my 39th birthday on the trade wind of a tropical breeze.

Being extremley brave, given my FEAR of heights.

It was a true delight to go to a tropical island that I had yet to rest the soles of my feet on…I stored up all of that energy and passion and decided to trek around Hawai’i.

I see you looking at me, looking at you, looking at me and my crazy coils…
Bits of my mini coral collection… — in Hawai’i.
Tranquility at its best… — feeling blessed.😇

Which gave me the ability to gaze upon some amazingly miraculous sights at every vantage point along the way.

Making memories on Magic Island — in Hawai’i.
Admiring the Diamond Head Lighthouse. — in Hawai’i.
This magnificent tree was full of green Parakeets… — in Waikiki, Hawai’i.
Had the beach all to ourselves…
Sand is simply a collection of the tiniest shells you’ve ever seen…
Talk about blessed…

The things I’ve seen, the beautiful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting along the way and those that shared time with me throughout my journey have breathed a breath of intoxicatingly refreshing air into my entire being…forever grateful, forever humbled and forever thankful for all that I have been able to do thus far in this lifetime…blessed beyond measure❣

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Things that will stay with me for a lifetime:
🏝The intoxicating smell from my lei
🏝The various hues of blue
🏝The fresh seafood and sushi
🏝The blessing in the guise of a sea turtle
🏝Viewing the Queen & the King’s Royal Palace
🏝The trees
🏝The lush mountainous terrain
🏝The natural wonder of their state parks
🏝The smell and feel of the water & sand between my toes
Just myself and maybe 10 other people on this entire beach, just past Makapu’u Beach Park.
Happy Birthday to me
*I neglected to mention that all of this was possible by chance…I did not have to pay not one cent towards the cost of the airfare that allowed me to visit this idyllic island.
Back in 2015, I abruptly returned home to the U.S. after being awarded a full scholarship from the Italian Embassy in D.C.; which afforded me the opportunity to study Hand-engraving at Florence’s esteemed Le Arti Orafe. However, my time in the romantic city of all things renaissance was cut short, due to learning that my Grandmother had passed away (on a social media site of all things) in September.
…and on Friday, November 13 the attacks forced the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France to close. Which was were I was supposed to have had a layover at, due to my connecting flight returning to Italy. However, the ways of the world had other plans and once again I was made to postpone my return to Italy.
Ultimately, an extremely gracious agent at the Delta Airlines HQ in Paris truly listened to me explain my heart wrenching story and afforded me a one year extension from the date of purchase; which in turn allowed me to travel to Hawai’i.
My heart, mind and soul were (and still are) set on returning to Italy, by utilizing this airfare credit towards my ability to attend graduate school at the University of Turin, however, life keeps forcing me to take other paths in the meantime…

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