Globe Trotting

Galavanting around the world seems second nature to me, given that my last name is Trotter. It’s as if traversing landscapes runs through my veins, fueling my desires of gazing upon lush landscapes scattered around our vast and astounding world.

Thus far, I have been fortunate enough to have lived & studied in Canada, France and (as of this past summer due to winning an award from the School Office of the Italian Embassy) Italy.

I must admit that the traveling bug bit me long before I received my first passport at the sweet age of 16…thanks to my parents, I’d visited over 38 of the 50 states by the time I was 18. This was mostly due to our summer road trips that criss crossed everything from the deserts of the southwest, to the mountain ranges of the pacific northwest and what’s known as bayou country in the deep south.

Starting with my 26th birthday I began treating myself to annual solo trips abroad, beginning with Belize (allowing me to snorkel in the second biggest barrier reef in the world), then Saint Lucia (where I was able to witness a truly spectacular sun set between the Grand Pitons all from the observation deck at Ladera Resort) all before deciding to try out at spa resort I’d researched located in St. George, Utah by the name of Red Mountain Resort for a little holistic self-love. Other years I found myself lounging on the beautiful sea glass saturated beaches of Nice or running through airports in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London trying without fail to reach my next destination…

In 2013 these desires led me to the mystical ‘island of the gods’, also known as Bali. During the nearly two years that I basked under the golden sun hinging from the bottom of the hemisphere, I had the opportunity of experiencing its breathtaking beauty in various forms. One of my favorites was from the comforts of my joglo nestled amongst the rice fields in Canggu. At times, it’s as if I can still hear the sounds of the ceremonial drumming and synchronized chimes drifting along the tropical breezes, beckoning me back to what felt like home. And when I say home, I mean in the sense that I’d been there before…I couldn’t explain it if I tried, believe me.

During my time there, I taught English Language & Literature to some pretty amazing people from all walks of life on and off the diverse 17,508 islands that make up the archipelago of Indonesia.

Whilst living in South East Asia, I tried my best to absorb all of the sights & sounds  on my trips to Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo. Places that felt like only a stones throw away from my little wooden house in the middle of the rice paddies back in Canggu. So much so , that their flavors blended well with my ever expanding palate.

At times, I find myself tickled at the fact that a little girl who once traipsed along what is known as the longest bayou in the world (also known as my very own river Nile); which glides slowly along the dusty back roads of Selma – has had the opportunity of meeting some of the most fascinating people and seen some tremendously breathtaking sites, thus far.

With that said, please be certain to stay tuned for my upcoming post on the places I’ve chosen to explore along my ever meandering path…

Home…Bartholomew Bayou in south east Arkansas. It’s the longest bayou in the world and traverses through the back yard of my parents property along the delta.
✨Sophisticated Solworks is now known as J.R. Trotter Photography