April’s Pink Full Moon is Scorpio’s Delight

Like many stargazers around the world, I’m truly looking forward to setting my sights on tonight’s Pink full moon as it glows intensely under the guise of the scorpion energy that flows deep inside of me.

Matter of fact, many of you know that I relish in rituals that allow me to soothe my spirit by indulging in the sacred practice of self-care. And given how potent this particular moons presence has over our lives, I’ve begun noticing the signs it’s signaling.

So, I started out my Sunday steeping some rose buds, dried chrysanthemums and a bit of evaporated cane sugar. Certain that this would aid me as I open myself up to the energy evolving in the atmosphere.

Combating chaos, one cup at a time..
Combating chaos, one cup at a time..

Likewise, during these transformative times, I find myself making space for change. It’s during these moments that I find myself looking at life through a lens that allows me to creatively cleanse what no longer serves me – and instead focus on all that awakens my desires to delve into the dreams that have been lying beneath the surface of my lifes’ layers.

Essentially, I’m learning to focus on the well of unconditional love that resides within, and in doing so, I immediately began to encounter signs.

Few know that dragonflies have captivated my curiosity sense childhood. So, seeing one one and sharing space with it’s mystical powers has been the highlight of my month.

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Lastly, taking time to sit still, soothe my spirit and truly listen to the undercurrent of creativity that flows within is serving me well. That said, here’s to hoping that this months full moon has a similar effect on you and all that you endeavor to do.


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