Marketing done RIGHT

As I was browsing my newsfeed earlier this afternoon on Facebook, I noticed that a former colleague of mine (living in Indonesia) had shared this very thought provoking video and of course me being me, I looked up the organization allowing me to learn that they are trying to establish ‘model communities’ in various parts of the world. One of such is being constructed here in Seattle, Washington of all places. To learn more about this organization and what their model community represents, view this site that I’ve linked below…

I must admit, the way that the director captured their two stories is what drew me in…casting the parallel lives of others via a split screen – broadens ones view more than you think!

Lastly, I can speak first hand about the water shortages that are affecting the island of Bali (which makes up only one of the 17, 508 islands nestled in Indonesia’s archipelago). This is due to during the nearly two years that I resided there, I woke up with an empty tap more times than I’d like to recall.

Sadly, many island nations are facing this horrific reality…while those in the western world are virtually untouched by something that we take for granted. Access to clean water, a compound that makes up over 71% of the earth’s surface.


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