(I)dentifying Oneself

Currently, this is a topic that I’m discussing with my students in detail due to its impact on one’s sense of self. During one particular lesson our dialogue centered around an article written by Leena Habiballa, entitled: Seeds of Sudanese Identity: Unsettling the Logic of Racialisation. These particular sentences from within the body of her writing resonated within me, “That to be authentically Arab, it was not enough to speak Arabic or have facets of Arab culture deeply syncretised into my own – I would have to necessarily not be visibly Black. My identity as an Arab was therefore always tentative and fraught, but was nevertheless an important part of my being and ultimately self-evident.” 

Additionally, we have found that this quote sums up our discourse, “The only person in charge of your Identity and the ways that you identify yourself is you, no one else. Even if other people attempt to frame your Identity according to their ideas about you, it is still only you who has the final word on your self-image.” ~Gator Ash, Your Self-Identification~

In my upcoming post I hope to make more space on this platform allowing for us to delve further into this matter, however, in the meantime I ask that you share your thoughts and highlight any discussions you might also be conducting centered around mixed identities & radicalized bodies.


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